We Need Your Help


It is estimated that over 400 million stray dogs and cats exist worldwide. The first step to help remedy this escalating situation begins locally. Something as small as regular vaccinations and surgical sterilization (spay/neuter) can prevent aggression, disease transmission, and animal suffering.

Our foundation is dedicated to sharing our passion, resources, knowledge and experience to make this change happen,

but...we need your help.

Pause4Change Rescue Foundation is a team compiled of dedicated volunteers who have worked within Alberta animal rescues for years. It is our focus to build a foundation that works collaboratively within Canada's rescue community.

Our Vision

"Developing progressive change with the ability to shape the future of Animal Rescues"

Our Mission

Pause4Change Dog Rescue Calgary. Adopt, foster, volunteer & help animals in need!

Rescue unwanted and abandoned canines & felines from partnered communities and rural areas

Educate the public

Advocate responsible pet ownership