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Permanent Pause4Change Residents




Our longest resident - Ginger brings a special quality to our hearts with a never ending ear to ear grin every time she sees us. Ginger still has challenges with meeting new people but is the perfect foster 'mom' to all our rescue pups and also has a 'job' at Dogma Training & Pet Services as Ginger can often be found teaching pups appropriate play.   

Ginger has been the greatest educator to not only her foster family but also for every rescue that come into the house and to those that continue to help Ginger overcome her fears.  So although fearful of people Ginger has found her calling in life.  Ginger has a different purpose than most dogs therefore she will be a PERMANENT fixture with Pause4Change Rescue.  Ginger will remain with her foster home and continue to work her special magic with all the pups that come into the Pause4Change family.  

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