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Jack Frost

Meet Jack Frost, the purring sensation who will melt your heart with his playful charm! 

Once a frosty adventurer braving an Alberta storm, Jack Frost has thawed into a lovable ball of fur who follows you around like a furry shadow. This non-stop purring machine is on a mission to spread joy and warmth wherever he goes!

Personality Traits: If you're looking for a companion who's part cat, part puppy, and all heart, Jack is your guy! He'll race to you faster than you can say "treat time" and will shower you with affection that could rival a thousand head scratches.

Treat Olympics Gold Medalist: When it comes to treats, Jack Frost takes his job seriously. He'll zoom to you with lightning speed, ready to showcase his treat-catching skills that would impress even the most discerning feline foodies.

Playtime Enthusiast: Jack believes that playtime is not just a hobby – it's a way of life! This social butterfly thrives on love, attention, and interactive play sessions. Get ready for endless fun and cuddles with this little bundle of joy.

Looking for a forever friend who will fill your days with laughter, love, and endless purrs? Jack Frost is waiting to charm his way into your heart and home. Give him the love and playtime he deserves, and he'll repay you with a lifetime of snuggles and happiness!


Ready to welcome Jack Frost into your family? Contact us to schedule a meet-and-greet and let this playful purr machine steal your heart! 



March 1st, 2023

Spots & Zipper


These brothers are pending adoption, BUT they wanted us to tell you that their other brothers Ricky and Albi are still available as well as their friends Nihil and Cassius! 


Both kitties enjoy play time. Both love to cuddle with foster and each other, and both are lap cats quite often at the same time.


They get along great with other felines, but Zipper is slightly more active than Spot.


September 13th, 2023



Copper is a big ham that makes her foster family laugh all day long.  She is working on her weight loss goals, but that doesn’t mean she can’t jump, skip and play! 


If there is more than one snowflake on the ground Copper has to roll over it, there’s nothing this girl loves more than rolling in the snow.  She loves belly rubs and just being around you in general, she is a real people dog!  When it’s time to relax don’t be surprised if Copper thinks she’s a lap dog, despite her size.  Or else a comfy couch will work just great for her too…


Copper gets along mostly with dogs but is a bit anxious on walks which she is working on and making great progress!


Cats are not for her, but humans of any size (kids included) will win over her heart.  


Her foster home is hoping for the best forever home where Copper can live her best life, she has had a few moves on her journey and she gets very attached to her people.  Come meet this girl and you will never run out of laughs and smiles at her sweet little antics

Corgi x Husky


November 27th, 2020 (estimated)



Meet Silver, the sweet and playful 38 lbs girl from Yukon! She is small and solid and loves to play with other dogs, cats, and people. Silver is crate and potty-trained and is very social, enjoys cuddling on the couch after a good romp in the yard or a game of chase. Adopt Silver and she will be a loyal and loving companion.

Husky X


Mar 9, 2022

Shere Khan.jpeg

Sheere Khan

Say hello to Sheere Khan, a playful and affectionate cat who loves to be the center of attention. She demands pets and cuddles and is also known for her love of wrestling and playing. When she’s not