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Success Stories



Kora (formerly Koda) is doing fantastic. She's such a joy to us. We couldn't have asked for a better pup. She loves all people and animals. She absolutely loves to be outside. We go for walks every day and she just loves them. Kora likes finding sticks and such and will carry them with her while she trots likes little horse so proud of her find. She has two cat brothers that she plays with and torments sometimes. One of the cats will also wrestle and play with her. Kora's favorite toy is her squeakies. We've gone through a few already. She will get the squeaker in her mouth and chomp down really fast so it squeaks over and over. Kora has always been a little nervous of certain things; for example, if we are carrying something big or moving things around a room, other than that she's pretty perfect otherwise. We are blessed to have Kora and it's thanks to all of you at Pause4Change.



Tesla (now renamed Tika) has been adopted and she too with be living part-time with Pause4Change Alumni, Dudley. She is already loves going to the park with her new big brother and is adjusting well to her new home. Tesla is one smart pup and we know she will become a great family pet for her new family. Congratulations Tesla!


Mack has found his forever home and guess what, he will be living with his new big brother, Pause4Change Alumni, Dudley. We are very excited to see what fun adventures these two will have with their forever family.


Tonka has found his forever home. He is such a big oaf and really loving his new home. He is doing very well learning all his commands and has been a perfect addition to his new family. We are so proud of this handsome dude.  



Shelby has been adopted! She fit in so perfectly at her foster home that she decided she would stay. Congratulations on finding your forever home Shelby!


Chevy (now renamed Hudson) had successfully found his forever home. This handsome young pup is growing like a weed and loves to play, wrestle and have long puppy snoozes. He is very smart and continues to learn new tricks and skills. 


Lexus (now renamed Harlow) has been adopted! She is loving her new home and especially loves her new big sister Stella. She continues to learn all about life as a good dog and we are excited to see what the future holds for this smart, beautiful girl. 


Kia has found her forever home! This sweet, active girl is fitting right in. She loves to explore, play and of course sleep and is excited to keep learning new skills as she attends obedience training. We are looking forward to watching her grow with her new family and the adventures that lie ahead.


Kali, (now renamed Lea) has found her forever family! This sweet little survivor has found a great, active, loving, young family to grow with. Her goal is to learn fetch with her new little human sister. She loves cuddling with her monkey and is settling and learning the rules of her new home.




Silvia (formerly Skye) found her forever home back in November 2017. She has been keeping her humans Jenna and Sean busy with lots of adventures. They can't wait to introduce her to camping, hiking and swimming! Silvia has mastered all her tricks and is amazingly smart, but her real trick is capturing everyone's attention with those blue eyes. Silvia is a power chewer and pretty much mangles every toy except her favourite stuffed rat. She loves rolling in the grass and keeps a keen eye out ready to chase any birds or bugs she stirs up. We are so happy to see that Silvia has found a happy fur-ever home.



We met Rufus when he was 9 weeks old at an adoption event. We immediately fell in love and decided after awhile to have him join our family. As Murphy’s Law would have it, the day we adopted him both my husband and I had to work on movies which meant we would be gone 15 hours a day, so Rufus’ foster family dog sat him for FOUR months until we were able to take him full time. He just LOVED it there. And Wendy taught him lots of cool tricks which he can still do! Once we had him home we were very busy managing a very smart, very busy puppy. In the fall I developed chronic lyme disease and was very sick and overwhelmed with not only caring for my family, but a new puppy and now managing horrible chronic pain and sickness. We heartbreakingly thought of finding him a new home, but in the mean time sent him for a week to a dog sitter so I could rest. I MISSED HIM SO MUCH and realized that he was my "Healing Buddy". Once he was home we have barely been apart. He got me outside walking, cuddled with me, we are practically inseparable! I am in remission now and we cannot even imagine our lives without him. He has so much personality and makes us laugh literally every single day. We are profoundly grateful to Pause4Change for their love and patience during that difficult time, and at no time did we feel judged or bad about trying to make the best decision for HIM.

Thank you Pause4Change from us and RUFUS!



Bella was surrendered to an animal shelter and deemed "un-adoptable" due to her age (6 years) and her apparent lameness. She was just mere hours away from the unthinkable when Pause4Change came to her rescue. Once in the care of Pause4Change Bella received the care and knee surgery she needed (TPLO) and spent the next few months recovering in her foster home. Having had just adopted another dog a few months prior, we never expected to be adopting again so soon but it was love at first sight! Bella has been such a blessing to our family and an amazingly patient companion to our young reactive pup. We sure can't imagine life without this chicken snatching, couch surfing, smooch giving, chatty cathy!



Forrest is approximately a 9 year old Malamute x. We adopted Forrest January 2018 after fostering him since June 2017. He came to us morbidly obese with pain on movement, very matted fur and in need of some medical attention. With the help of Pause4Change, he received some much needed dental work and surgery to remove a mass. He was put on a diet and increased his exercise and a year later has lost over 40lbs! His quality of life has now improved dramatically and the change in him has been amazing! He now can run, play, jump and climb (stairs and into cars) with ease. His favorite thing is to go for car rides and feel the wind on his face. He loves meeting new people and no one can resist his handsome and friendly face. Forrest made fast friends with my dog (Griffin) and has been a foster brother/father/grandpa to our many foster puppies we continue to have in our home.  Even though Forrest is in his senior years, he continues to surprise me when he learns something new... like "gentle" cue (he use to bite our fingers for treats and now he gives you a gentle lick/nibble). Forrest has brought so much joy to our lives and we hope to give him the best golden years for many more years to come. 



We had the great pleasure of being approved adopters for Smokey (now named Chloe) in November 2017. We adore her! She is incredibly smart and sensitive and brings so much joy to our lives. She goes everywhere with us! She insists on snuggling up next to us or between us whether on the sofa or in bed - she is spoiled! She loves to go on long walks, sniffing every smell along the way. Her comprehension abilities are high and she knows her tricks well and her manners are coming along nicely. Thank you, Pause4change for allowing us to give Chloe a forever family, our lives are fuller because of her! 

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