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Canine Health, Behaviour, Training and More...

At Pause4Change we believe in a healthy, force-free, positive training and learning environment for our rescues. Below are various resources that we have utilized and recommend to help you navigate the seemingly complicated world of canine training and health.    


Dog Language & Behaviour

General Training

Positive Perspectives: Love Your Dog, Train Your Dog

By: Pat Miller

Positive Perspectives 2: Know Your Dog, Train Your Dog By: Pat Miller

Culture Clash

By: Jean Donaldson

Puppy Training

Way to Go: How to House Train a Dog of Any Age

By: Patricia McConnell

Puppy Socialization: What it is and How to do it

By: Marge Rogers and Eileen Anderson

Before You Get Your Puppy

(FREE E-Book)

By: Dr. Ian Dunbar

After You Get Your Puppy

(FREE E-Book)

By: Dr. Ian Dunbar 

Family Friendly Dog Training

By: Patricia McConnell

Complex Behaviour


Control Unleashed: From Reactive to Relaxed (Reactivity)

By: Leslie McDevitt

Cautious Canine

By: Patricia McConnell

Be Right Back! (Separation Anxiety) 

By: Julie Naismith


YouTube Channels


Licensing & Bylaws

Licensing your pet is their ticket home if they ever get lost.

There are many other benefits to licensing your pet. Your license dollars go towards sheltering lost pets in a safe environment until they can be reunited with their owners, educating the public about responsible pet ownership, helping neighbors resolve animal related conflicts, and provides medical care to adoptable animals in need including no-cost spay/neuter for low-income owners. 

Below are links to Calgary and Area Animal Services and their applicable Animal Bylaws. 

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