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Guidelines for Out of core Adoption area (outside of the greater Calgary region):

1.) A minimum of TWO visits is still required – Additional visits may be required based on each individual dogs needs and will be at the discretion of the foster home and adoptions team. Our hope in doing this is to set both the rescue dog and adoptive family up for success!

2.) All members of the household (including resident dogs) are required to be present for all visits.

3.) Able to commute to Calgary for the included training classes OR provide us with a reputable, force free trainer/training classes in your area with the understanding that this will be at the adopters expense.

4.) Must be within driving distance – we will not ship dogs.

5.) Willing to share footage of your home and yard via pictures or a video call.

A reminder that we do not adopt on a first come first serve basis, our goal as always is to find the best fit for each individual dog

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