Volunteer Opportunities

Pause4Change believes in providing all volunteers with a structured training program. Training programs vary depending on the volunteer position you are in. All volunteers take part in the same basic training which includes understanding canine communication and body language, how dogs learn and the opportunity to attend dog training classes at no cost!

We believe that in order to provide the best care to every animal that comes into our foundation, we must have a thorough understanding of their needs, training, and handling throughout the entire process. This also means we have knowledgeable volunteers to help throughout the adoption process and even provide the adopters with much needed post adoption support.

General Volunteer Positions

General volunteers are responsible for day to day operational requirements respective of their team assignment. General volunteers assist through many areas of the organization and are expected to commit a minimum of 50 hours per year to remain in good standing. Volunteers report to their respective Team Lead.

General Volunteer can assist with the following teams;

Adoption Team

  • Speak with and screen potential adopters

  • Help promote adoption and positive match pairing

Education Team

  • Help organize and execute education campaigns which can include giving presentations in schools and at risk communities regarding responsible pet ownership; advocating positive training during awareness campaigns, etc. 


Fundraising Team

  • Help target, plan and execute events within the community to raise funds for our foundation.

Canine Management Team

  • Foster rescued animals in your home and assist in their development and search for new homes and families

  • Assist in the rescue trips and medical trips required to carry out the Pause4Change mission.

Communications & Marketing Team

  • Assist in execution of Pause4Change communications plans to advance our foundation's brand; broaden awareness of programs and priorities; and increase the visibility of programs across key audiences (social media, product development, etc.)

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