Board of Directors


Founding Member/Chairperson

Tracey was a Founding Member of pause4change in 2012.

She had a vision to create a rescue that would help shape the industry with more collaboration; working together to make a positive impact for the animals and our communities.

Tracey currently has two dogs who have taught her so much about setting up dogs that have fearful and shy behaviours for success.

Her #1 dog friendly place in Calgary is her own home, which is always full of rescues and amazing people that drop by to socialize and assist with many puppy needs. Everyone is welcome and the dogs love it!

 "Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole."



Founding Member/Director

Kirstie was one of the Founding Members of pause4change in 2012

She was involved with creating pause4change because she wanted to make a difference in the rescue community and to do her best to do the right thing for the animals she helps. 

Kirstie leads volunteer intake, the vaccination team and the pauseit4ward pet food bank program within pause4change. 

She has 4 rescue dogs of her own - Jasmine age 9, Shilo age 9, Mischa age 8 & Kora age 2 as well as a rescue cat named Misfit.


Kirstie recommends checking out Tail Blazers Copperfield/Legacy pet stores, Dogma Daycare and Dogwit for training in Calgary.




Katie has been with pause4change for 6 years and is the Events & Fundraising Coordinator.


Katie was attracted to pause4change’s vision and values, the quality and care we give every rescue animal and the amazing group of volunteers who are all so caring, compassionate, generous, and are a lot of fun to work along side with.

Katie shares her home with pause4change alumni, Mya, her sweet senior pup. She loves the simple things in life like rolling in grass or snow, going for walks, camping and taking lots of naps! Katie also fosters cats for pausechange. 

"Everyone thinks they have the best dog. And none of them are wrong"




Jaymi has been with pause4change for around 4 years and is the Dog Adoptions Coordinator

& member of the vaccination team.

She loves pause4change because we believe in quality over quantity. Each dog is placed in a foster

home where they get the time and attention they need and deserve. We don't take shortcuts on veterinary care or training, every animals needs are met on a case by case basis. She also believes we have some of the kindest most giving volunteers, who have now become her second family.

Jaymi has 2 dogs of her own - Rooney is her 4 year old Shepherd Cross. He is a sensitive soul that struggles with dog reactivity and resource guarding. He is the reason she got involved in the rescue world and sparked her passion for learning about all the benefits of positive reinforcement training. Bella is her 9 year old Siberian Husky and a pause4change alumni. She is super sassy and high maintenance but referred to as the jackpot dog in the house because they feel like they won the lottery the day she chose them to be her family!

Jaymi recommends checking out Play Unleashed in Balzac for private off-leash fun with your dogs.

"You can't change a dogs past, but you can rewrite their future!"




Jude has been with pause4change for around 5 years. She manages the financial/accounting areas

and website and is a foster home for puppies.

Jude was attracted to pause4change as she shared their values and philosophy and loved the

small, close knit group of volunteers. Everyone is welcome and treated equally, opinions and ideas

are encouraged to be shared and the number one focus is always the wellbeing of the animals.


Jude has 2 dogs of her own - Dahlia an 8 year old rescue and Beatrix age 2 who was her pause4change 

foster pup that stole her heart and never left!

Jude recommends checking out Cheddar Dogs for locally made dog treats & Marda Loop Brewing for their dog friendly patio.

"When the world around me is going crazy, and I am losing faith in humanity, I just have to take one look at my dog to know that good still exists."




Albert has been with pause4change for around 2 years. He became involved with the organisation

as he was impressed by how honest & friendly everyone is and the diligence of the adoption


Albert is the go-to tech guy for pause4change and also an active foster home. He volunteers in

many different areas and gets involved whenever and wherever he is needed!

Albert has 2 dogs of his own - Cedric is his resident middle aged dog, he is patient and protects the house and all the residents, including the cat. Cleo is the puppy and a recent addition to the family - she was adopted from pause4change. Pickles is his rescued cat. She is 1.5 years old and is the mischevious and sassy type. She educates the foster puppies on boundaries with cats and educates the family on cat behaviour. She is the ninja in the house.

Albert recommends checking out Vin Room on 85th for their dog friendly patio in the summer!